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Apr 2, 1999 08:24 PM

Ayurveda on Amsterdam

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I walked by this place near 95 and Amsterdam the other
day. It offers a set Indian vegetarian meal each day
-- I don't remember the price, but it seemed very
reasonable. It seems sort of like Thali on Greenwich
in the village.

Has anyone been there? If so, please report back!

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  1. Check out the review in this week's New York mag.

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      Dan Sonenberg

      I have been there and I liked it a good deal. Each day
      they have a set meal, consisting of several different
      dishes that each person receives in small metal
      containers. When I was there there was a spinach dish,
      excellent lentil dahl, rice, and another wonderful
      vegetable dish. The food was quite flavorful, and not
      overly oily, although I was sorry to see the nan (which
      comes with the prix fixe meal) was dabbed in ghee.
      This last fact struck me as doubly annoying since the
      restaurant goes out of its way to boast about its
      "healthful" cuisine [a truly healthful Indian
      restaurant, like the sadly departed Indian Delhi (which
      was reviewed on TVFN, raised their prices, and
      vanished) at 79th and Columbus, avoids ghee and coconut
      oil for less lethal fat like canola oil, to the horror,
      I am sure, of Indian food purists].. The service was
      very courteous and efficient, and a nice feature is
      that you can have additional servings of whatever you
      like. For dessert they served delicious pistachio
      balls, and I couldn't resist having a second. The
      price for the complete dinner is $9.95, not including
      beverage, and it really is lovely to sit down and have
      absoutely no decisions to make for a change. Overall I
      definitely recommend a visit to this promising new
      comer. I hope they can keep it up.

      -dan s.