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Apr 2, 1999 06:25 AM

Tribeca revisited

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We went to check out the highly rated chowhound joint,
Pakistani Teahouse last night. Either they moved or
they ain't no more, cuz they're not at 176 Church
anymore. There's a new Chinese/Japanese strange place
there now.

We were on our way to catch a movie at the Screening
Room, so we headed up that way (north) hoping to spot
something. Walking up Church, all we saw were a
various bunch of Asian (Chinese, Thai, Japanese) places
that didn't look inviting. We checked out the
restaurant at the Screening Room, and it looked to be
overpriced, at least more than what I wanted to spend.
We still had almost an hour, so back to scouting. We
didn't have to go far to find the Franklin Cafe on West
Broadway just south of Canal, opposite Teddy's (anyone
been there?)

It was just what we (well, me) were looking for.
Excellent Malaysian (though I can barely tell the
difference between Filipino, Malaysian and Korean).
They had inexpensive noodle dishes (I had noodles in
peanut sauce, which was eons better than anything I've
had in a Chinese place) while my wife had the chicken
satay. My wife is Filipino and knows her Asian,
especially barbecue, and she was impressed. All for
$20, which included soup for her and an appetizer for
me. They also had entrees in the $15 range.

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  1. The chinese/japanese place is on the corner, PTH is
    right next to it. I walked by today-it is still open
    and was filled with people.

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    1. re: ppace

      I opened my eyes and voila. The food was good but
      nothing to get your panties in a bunch over, but the
      prices were right out of, well, Pakistan. Great

    2. PTH is still there- look for the Village Voice, Time
      Out and Eric Asimov's review hanging in the window.

      El Teddy's has been open almost a decade.
      Paggio, which is next door, was opened last year
      by two restauranteurs who own Italian restaurants
      in Great Neck and Manhasset. I had dinner at Paggio
      a couple of weeks ago and had an excellent, beautifully
      prepared meal. Although I was a first time visitor I
      was made to feel very welcome. Interestingly enough,
      it gets a lot of celebrity sightings (eg la Monica).

      Thanks for mentioning Franklin St. I go there all
      the time. I'm especially fond of their soba
      noodles. The main dishes are served with jasmine
      rice which reminds a little of sticky rice. It's
      also great if you're in a hurry - they get you in
      and out fast but have never rushed you. They've
      also just started serving breakfast - a variety of
      omelets and also salmon congee.

      1. pakastani tea house is there there are 4 or five
        places just like it around the hood they are
        basically cheap fast food places nothing special