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Apr 1, 1999 01:33 PM

Looking for$19.99 lunches

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Any chowhounds have any favorite $19.99 lunch spots - (Eastside preferred)?

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  1. Hi,
    Unfortunately not on the East Side, but my favorite
    $19.99 lunch (year-round, I believe) is at Nobu. And
    every summer I look forward to trying to grab a
    reservation at Jean-Georges, Felidia, or this amazing
    Japanese restaurant called Nadaman Hakubai in the
    Kitano Hotel on Park.

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    1. re: mitchw

      Hi everyone-

      In the spirit of Restaurant Week, I've made
      reservations at Nobu, Nadaman Hakubai, Jojo, Aureole,
      Chanterelle, and Aquavit for the month of June .

      I'm so glad my search brought me to the previous
      posting by "mitchw". I hope you're reading this!
      Can anyone tell me what I should expect? I'm really
      looking forward to these meals...but am also thinking
      perhaps I've overdone it and should cancel one or two
      of them?

      Any thoughts?

      Many thanks.

      1. re: Maria
        Dave Feldman

        This should be an interesting experiment! I think
        many restaurants don't enter RW with the proper
        spirit. No one expects truffles and foie gras for $20
        from a four-star restaurant, but why bother going to a
        "big-deal" joint and serve food that any diner serves.

        I'll never forget the first impression I received from
        my $19.96 San Domenico lunch: plain salad; spaghetti
        with tomato sauce; sorbet. Only the sorbet was better
        than average. We were treated like garbage after we
        didn't order wine (both of us were working, ya'
        know). Blecch. I've been back only once (and didn't
        like the food much better or the service any better)
        but not on my dime.

        On the other hand, I'd feel very good if a restaurant
        like Nobu or Aureole offered interesting choices for
        the $19.99. I wouldn't care if expensive ingredients
        are used, but I do want some indication of what makes
        the place special.

        I hope you keep all those dates and report back. Have

        1. re: Dave Feldman


          I agree with you. This experiment will hopefully give
          me an indication of why they're special. And to add
          to the list of great restaurants I'd like to return to
          spend more money on.