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Apr 1, 1999 11:11 AM

Outdoor grills?

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Does anyone know of a park in NYC that has outdoor

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  1. I don't know about Manhattan, but I think there are
    grills in Prospect Park. As far as I can remember they
    are a little worse for wear...I think I remember

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    1. re: sarah carey
      Frank Language

      Well, East River Park here between 6th and 10th streets
      has them as well, although they're very much in demand
      in the summer. They're also a little beat-up, so the
      best thing to do is probably bring a finer metal grill
      (2.98 at any discount chain store; throw the coal tray
      away) and lay it on top of the cast-iron grill.

      It seems to me they'd have picnic-type grills in parts
      of Central Park and Riverside Park as well, but I don't
      know this for sure.