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Mar 25, 1999 08:10 AM

Seeing Rent - where to go to eat?

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My daughter will be 20 on Monday and for her birthday my son is taking Vivian to see Rent on Sunday. He would also like to take her to dinner in Manhattan. Can anyone suggest a good restaurant to them in the theatre district that's not too pricey as he is a struggling law student with no unlimited funds YET! Looking forward to hearing from anyone that understands that when you are going to be 20 and are 22, you don't exactly have gourmet taste buds but rather eat because your stomach tells you its time.

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    Michele Fuchs

    There are alot of fun places for young people to eat
    in the theater district...

    Virgil's BBQ (44th bet. 6th and 7th)- the best
    barbeque in NY or so they say...I love the maple syrup
    butter they serve with biscuits, fattening but worth
    it! Great food, a bit messy but fun.

    John's Pizza (44th bet. b'way & 8th)- thin crust
    pizza, less messy than BBQ. John's is also reasonable
    and fun. I like the pizza and salads, etc.

    Delta Grill (48th & 9th)- Fun cajun place. Reasonably

    Hope they have fun!

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    1. re: Michele Fuchs

      Virgil's is a great suggestion. I recommend their
      French fries, too, with a little blue cheese dressing
      on the side. Inevitably I order the pulled pork
      sandwich there, although I always tell myself I'm
      gonna try something new!

      If they wanted to go eat after the show, I like Joe
      Allen's for a cheeseburger. Good people watching
      there; actors often turn up. Make a reservation, tho.

      1. re: Susan T.
        Michele Fuchs

        I also always end up ordering the same thing...the
        pulled chicken sandwich! Though I have tried the ribs
        and you are so right, great fries! But, I must
        reiterate, the biscuits with that butter is worth
        blowing any diet!

        Has anyone tried the Tennesse Mountain in that area? I
        haven't even been to the one in Soho in years.

        1. re: Michele Fuchs

          The Tennessee Mountain in the theatre district is
          horrendous. The pulled chicken sandwich was awful due
          to an overly sweet sauce. And the nachos stunk.
          Didn't try the ribs, unfortunately, which I would hope
          would be the only redeeming factor. Haven't hit the
          downtown sibling, but I hear it blows away this sad
          competitor for the Virgil's crowd.

          1. re: JimmyZ.

            Major RENT fans (like my visiting 20 yr. old neice) might like to eat at the LIFE cafe in the East Village
            (as they do in RENT), have a reasonable meal and have $ leftover for a cab to the show!!??? I know you
            asked for the theatre district, but this is just another idea!

            1. re: Caroline

              I gave my children all the suggestions which I received through chowhounds. I thank everyone for their suggestions. Where did they end up eating? As they were rushed and got into the city late, they ended up at Range Chicken. When I heard this, I said what, out of all your choices in the city? But, to them it's just a meal and my daughter loved Rent. It was a surprise to her (she thought my son was going to take her to a Ranger game). She started screaming all over the street when she saw him turn into the theatre. So, Vivian enjoyed it very much and loved her birthday gift. Thanks again for all the eating ideas!