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Mar 23, 1999 09:32 AM

Very Large portions restaurants

  • j

I am trying to find a restaurant in Manhattan NY,
that serves very large portions of food I saw a story
on tv about it but don't have the address can anyone
help me?

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  1. I think JG is referring to the restaurant that serves
    lots of beef where the waiters circulate with skewers
    of meat and slice it onto your plate. There's a large
    salad bar type thing too. Is it a Brazilian or
    Argentinian place? I can't recall. Perhaps someone
    with more youthful grey matter can remember. Does this
    ring a bell, JG? pat

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    1. re: pat hammond

      Actually at this restaurant all the food is in HUGE
      portions. Example if you get a ice cream sunday for
      desert it has a gallon of ice cream in it, not sure if
      it is actually a gallon but on TV it was about one foot
      high served on a big serving plate. On tv it looked
      like all the food served was piled about one foot high.


      1. re: pat hammond
        Mark Sinclair

        I don't think this is what JG was looking for, but
        there are Brazillian places called Churrascarias, which
        give you tons of meat in this fashion. Churrascaria
        Plataforma, on 49th between 8th and 9th is a good
        example. Even though it's populated primarily by big
        groups of noisy suits on expense accounts, the food is
        really good. I know the meat is the main attraction at
        these places, but probably my favorite part of the meal
        I had there was the fried polenta from the salad bar.