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Mar 22, 1999 06:33 PM


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Besides being pretty hot right now I understand the
chow is worthwhile.
I'm taking someone out for dinner there and would like
some feedback.
Regards, JK

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    Frank Language

    Where are they located and what do they serve?

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    1. re: Frank Language

      The Tonic is where the old Harvey's Chelsea was on
      18th Street between 6th & 7th. The restaurant has a
      tavern side and a formal dining side with completely
      separate menus. I've eaten in the Tavern three times
      and in the formal dining room twice.

      The Tavern features the original bar built back in the
      late 1800's. And, it's quite beautiful. It's popular
      and can be crowded and noisy - which I think is the
      idea. They serve simpler fare than the restaurant.

      The chef - Chris Gesualdi - came to fame at
      Montrachet. He's one of those cooks that you can just
      have confidence in. Most of the dishes I've eaten
      there were very well conceived from top to bottom, bot
      the meat and the fish.

      I recently had an excellent cocotte of braised meats.
      I wasn't thrilled with a roasted chicken - but the
      fois gras stuffed guinea hen was delicious,as was a
      roasted duck breast. I recall liking the appetizers
      alot, but I don't recall what we had except for an
      excellent house smoked salmon and a wonderful sauteed
      fois gras appetizer with apples and chestnut puree.

      It's been months since I ate in the Tavern. But, I do
      remember liking the pot roast alot. There was also an
      appetizer called duck,duck, goose; a combination of
      pate, confit and something else that was quite good.
      The desserts didn't thrill me. The pear napoleon is
      heavy, not light as it should be. There is an
      excellent chocolate brioche pudding and an interesting
      semolina pudding with dreid fruits. Nice petits fours
      in the formal dining room. Nice ambiance in the
      formal dining room. Good table and wine service,
      too. One evening, the sommelier suggested a great
      syrah that was only about $35.00 and went very well
      with the meal.

      Hope this helps.

      1. re: JMinNYC

        Thanks Frank.
        I ate @ Montrachet a couple of years ago and really
        enjoyed myself.
        If we ate Mr. Gesualdi's fare then I should be happy at
        THE TONIC.
        Thanks to your post I'm really looking forward to my
        And you know a Bombay&Tonic is in the cards.

        1. re: JMinNYC
          Jennifer Stott

          I also had a great meal in the elegant dining room at The Tonic. The menu was diverse and interesting yet accessible. Everything we had was delicious, particularly the peekytoe crab/lobster salad appetizer and the passionfruit gratin with elderberry/raspberry coulis dessert. The bar is beautiful, but the tavern looked like it could be noisy and smokey on busy nights.