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Mar 22, 1999 04:40 PM

Le Gigot- undiscovered?

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I stumbled upon Le Gigot, on a recommendation from my waiter at Po. I have since been back several times and must say that i my taste-buds and stomach have yet to return to this earth ( they languish somewhere happily giggling, and hoping to be sated soon upon my next visit to LeGigot).
I highly recommend the Bouilabaisse, the Tuna, the grilled rack of lamb, and everything else. Not only is the food amazing, but the wine list has some real gems (Montrachet, 1995 @ 45 dollars, barely above market value), my waiter, informed me that the list will be changing soon, but that it will only get better.
I have only been to eat on tuesdays, and it has not been crazyy busy (it is busy, but not like i would expect) has this place not been discovered yet, or have i just been extremely fortunate? Maybe the staff is just so talented to make it appear unrushed. Please let me know if others have had similiar experiences here.

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  1. We certainly agree. our fave for casual/bistro. its a great little restaurant row/cornelia st. try Pearl, the raw bar next door when in season. its also fab. thx

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    1. re: stephen kaye
      Peter Palmieri

      Every time I walk by Le Gigot I have wondered about
      the quality of the place--only briefly, I admit,
      because my mind is on the pan-roasted fish I will be
      ordering at Pearl. Now I will have to forego my fish
      at Pearl and stop in Le Gigot! Anybody ever tried the
      Cuban down the street? It used to be hard for me to
      pass Po, but now I wouldn't think of stopping there.
      Too bad.

      1. re: Peter Palmieri

        It has been awhile since I have eaten at Le Gigot, but
        I have fond memories. The menu may have changed a
        bit. The stews are phemomenal. The specials are
        always a treat. The duck and the rabbit are also
        really good. As an appetizer the escargot is
        unabashedly garlicky and served neatly out of the
        shell. Ahhh, and the dessert the flourless,soft-
        centered chocolet cake is called creme anglais?
        Delicious. Served warm of course. And the creme
        brulee is out of this world. Of course if you are not
        yet satisifed there is an ice cream parlor on
        Bleeker...Cones that has really great sorbet (kiwi,
        grapefruit, cantelope). It is expensive, but
        sometimes worth it. I have wanted to try the Cuban
        joint up the block, but I have never been able to get
        a table. Let us know if it is any good.

    2. Based on all of your recommendations and glowing
      reports, I've decided to try this place. I've
      always heard good things about it, and now I'll see for
      myself. I'll be in town next month and just made my
      reservation here. Can't sounds terrific. Thx!