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Mar 19, 1999 04:20 PM

Where to eat in Theater District

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Looking for a good place to eat in the theater
district. Any good suggestions? Open to all types of



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  1. italian>becco,dopo teato, osteria doge. ,oroccan>lotfi's. higher end italian>latanzi's

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    1. re: stephen kaye

      I like upscale as well as the next guy but have been
      very disappointed with the likes of Osteria al Doge
      and Coco Teatro.

      Nowadays, when I head to the theater, I keep it
      simple. Pulled pork sandwich and hush puppies at
      Virgil's Real BBQ. I was just there again last week,
      perhaps the fourth time in the past three months.
      Sure it's noisy, sure the food is relatively highly
      caloric, but it's always realiable, the service is
      friendly and it won't cost you dearly. And, there
      isn't a vegetarian in sight!

    2. Personally, I favor Cabana Carioca on W.45th (cheap, delicious, filling Brazilian) or Sapporo on W.49th (almost as cheap, delicious, not so filling noodle-soup Japanese) depending on where the theater is and what I feel like eating. Virgil's is good too. (I don't like combining fancy dining with seeing a play -- why feel rushed?)