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Mar 18, 1999 02:15 PM

Fried Chicken

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I'm a southern boy in NYC for a spell and have a craving for some really good fried chicken. I'm near Columbus and 80th. Any sugestion will be most appreciated.

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  1. Monk's Corner on 9th Ave. in the 40's is very good.
    Fried, smnothered, etc.

    Same at Soul Fixins on 34th btw. 8th and 9th.

    Pink Tea Cup is supposedly great, too. It's on Grove
    St. off of Bleeker.

    Then there's the awesome fried chicken at Drovers on
    Jones St. betw. Bleeker and W. 4th - - it's got a
    killer green olive gravy.

    Jezebel on 9th and 45th ain't half-bad either, though
    it's around $22. Still, a great ambience with swing
    benches as chairs, hanging tapestries, a real bordello-
    like feel.

    Happy eating!

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    1. re: JimmyZ.
      Donn Zaretsky

      sadly, it looks as if monck's has closed.

    2. The fried chicken at the Hog Pit is great when Terry is in the kitchen. I've been there and had bland fried chicken when she's not, so beware! Friends and family from Atlanta and South Carolina give it the big thumbs up also. Other things to look for: great fried corn, ribs, and meatloaf that tastes almost as good as my southern mother-in-law's.

      1. For the best fried chicken you should go to Charles
        Southern Kitchen in Harlem. It has been much discussed
        on this site; if you go to the Chowhound main page, and
        then to the search facility, you can find some of the
        past reviews.