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Mar 18, 1999 06:25 AM


  • j

I am having dinner at Solera this Friday and would
appreciate comments on what food you have enjoyed

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  1. I believe thats a Spanish rest. in the east 50's? if so it was very ordinary.

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    1. re: stephen kaye

      I have dined at Solera often and find it to be one of
      the best Spanish restaurants in the City. Their
      paella (particularly the shellfish paella) is
      excellent. It must be ordered by at least two people
      at your table, but it is well worth it. Beautfiful
      presentation and very, very good. The tapas selection
      is a cut above what you will find in most NY Spanish
      restaurants. Also excellent is the garlicky shrimp
      appetizer and the chorizo. A fine selection of sherry
      complements the meal.

      1. re: Alex

        I also like Solera. It's very popular with the
        Corporate Dining set as it is very conveniently
        located in Midtown.

        I would call it Nouvelle Spanish. There is definitely
        alot of French technique used to update classic
        Spanish dishes and ingredients. And, yes, the food is
        beautifully presented.

      2. re: stephen kaye

        "I believe thats a Spanish rest. in the east 50's?"

        yup.... Solera is at 216 east 53rd St.

        "if so it was very ordinary"

        I haven't been in a couple of years, but I was pretty impressed. Menu's a tad inconsistent, and it's overpriced, but even though I'm the most extreme of skeptics when it comes to local Spanish food (I've toured Spain over a dozen's like a second home to me), I thought they were pretty respectable and pretty authentic. Come to think of it, I may have only had the tapas, but I think I tried literally all of 'em (was working on a tapas article for Wine & Spirits)


        1. re: Jim Leff

          I know this is too late for fri. advice ( just got back
          from beantown - I don't care what ANYBODY says - NYC is
          the place to be for ST.Pats. ) Solera, as I have posted
          before, is best enjoyed in warmer climes, when you can
          hang out in their garden.
          Their selection of riojas and atmosphere - along with
          fresh and delicious tapas - is worth the money.
          You only live ONCE!!!- spend it!
          Regards, JK

      3. hi, judith

        see my reply to Stephen at the URL below:


        1. j
          judith hancock

          I was mixed re Solera - thought the restaurant decor
          was beautiful but the room is not large and they had a
          heavy bar scene going (it was friday nite) -loud and
          noisy - we sat as far away as possible but could still
          hear at times

          I felt food was overpriced - tapas selection they
          brought seemed uninteresting with one exception - the
          rioja however was quite good - we had appetizers which
          we liked better than the tapas - garlicky shrimp and
          mussels and ham/chorizo platter - latter was my
          favorite -

          they bring green olives and roasted almonds to the
          table when you arrive which are superb -

          guess we should have had the paella but we weren't
          that hungry.

          Has anyone had their tasting menu for $65? Would be
          curious how that was.

          Dessert was disappointing - their version of creme
          brulee was tasteless although the cookies they brought
          with it were warmed and delicious

          Also, I only drink decaff coffee - all they had was