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Tribeca Grill

Cage Mar 17, 1999 07:48 PM

I've only been to NYC twice and a co-worker who has
been there a number of times recommended the 'Tribeca
Grill'. I can't seem to find any information on the
actual restaurant except that it did lead me to this
message board. Is the Tribeca Grill an expensive
restaurant. I am traveling to NYC with a few friends
and we prefer Italian food. We want good quality food
with a decent sized portion. I don't want to go to a
restaurant because it is THE place to be. Do we need
reservations? We would like a comfortable place to
eat without paying an arm and a leg. Since I can't
find any info. does this place still exist? Any
advice would be helpful but again I'm not from the
area. Is the Tribeca Grill easy to find or well known?

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    ana Mar 18, 1999 01:22 PM

    I'm surprised you couldn't find info on Tribeca Grill because it's got quite a PR campaign going--celebritiy ownership and so on. People go there for the "scene" , not the food, which is very high priced and mediocre at best, with sporadic service. I have to go there on business occasionally (client loves the place) and dread it every time--and that's when it's not my own money.

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      stephen kaye Mar 17, 1999 09:51 PM

      do not go to tribeca grill. go to I. Coppi212 254 2263.

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        Cage Mar 18, 1999 02:26 PM

        I tried to do an internet search on Tribeca Grill and
        got an Error message on everything I could find.
        Thanks for the information. Having dinner AND
        actually meeting a celeb would be cool but not enough
        to justify an expensive mediocre meal !

        1. re: Cage
          Jim Leff Mar 18, 1999 04:13 PM

          "I tried to do an internet search on Tribeca Grill and got an Error message on everything I could find."

          that shoulda told you something...

          1. re: Jim Leff
            Cage Mar 18, 1999 08:24 PM

            Thanks for all your help everyone. My trip is in a
            few weeks and I'll let you know where I eat and how it
            was. For what it is worth to anyone - The Old
            Original Bookbinders in Olde City - Philadelphia is
            very good and expensive. I live outside of Philly and
            don't go into the city much. It is in a very nice
            section of town. The seafood at The Old Original
            Bookbinders is outstanding. It is worth the money.

            1. re: Cage
              Amy Moshenberg Jan 29, 2000 11:14 PM

              Anyone who enjoys Zinfandel wines should check out the winelist at the Tribeca Grill. I've had some wonderful meals there lately, and they're very knowledgable and helpful about pairing wine and food selections. The restaurant can be a bit loud when crowded, but there is a sense of excitement, and the food is really quite good.

          2. re: Cage
            Adlai Mar 18, 1999 04:15 PM

            This is what Fodor's has to say about TG. See URL...

            1. re: Adlai
              Adlai Mar 18, 1999 04:17 PM

              This is what Fodor's has to say about TG. See URL


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