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Mar 17, 1999 03:09 PM

Private room in downtown Manhattan

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Does anyone have a recommendation for a private room
for about 25-30 people, preferably downtown. I am
looking for something that is not too "stuffy", but
with good food.

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  1. If your into steaks try Frank's Steakhouse (10 ave.+ 15th St) It's a serious meat ,wine and cigars. It's
    kind of like a guys hang-out off the main drag. The food is pretty good, service is good and you never feel like your rushed . but the great thing is that they have a nice size back room. I have been there for
    a few functions and they pretty much can put together anything you want.

    1. j
      Jennifer Stott

      Gramercy Tavern has a wonderful private room - it holds 24 max. - elegant but relaxed atmosphere and a menu with something to please everyone.

      1. How about the Screening Room? They have several
        private rooms, very good food, and it's certainly hip
        and upbeat.

        1. Frank's is, indeed, good if you're in a steak mood.
          The tribeca grill has a nice room over the restaurant,
          Morton's on West Street has a room and the American
          Park, down at the Battery, has a room with a
          magnificent view of the Harbor that may be too large
          for your group. Harry's at Hanover Square has a lot of
          rooms, but the food is mediocre.