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Mar 16, 1999 08:31 AM

Good Chow on Chambers near Church???

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Hey, Fellow Chowhounders,

Does anyone know of any good, inexpensive ethnic fast
food/restaurants around Chambers/Church/Broadway/West
Broadway that serve good vegetarian dishes?

I have to go to a union meeting and need to grab a
quick bite.

Thanks, Steve

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  1. You might try the Pakistan Tea House at 176 Church, a block or so north of Chambers. It's got everything you want -- it's good, cheap, fast, "ethnic," and has a lot of vegetarian choices.

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    1. re: Chris E.

      Is there waiter service? Nice enough to have dinner
      with another couple (planned for Thursday)? I've been
      wracking my brains trying to think of an inexpensive
      to moderate place in Tribeca. Any other suggestions?

      1. re: glenn

        Salaam Bombay on Greenwich just a block or two north of
        Chambers is a better than average Indian restaurant
        with a full service, upscale atmosphere. The prices are
        relatively high compared to Lex/20's or Jackson Heights
        restaurants, but reasonable for Tribeca. The menu is
        extensive and the food very well prepared. The $11.95
        lunch buffet is an excellent value with a nice variety
        of dishes, both cold and hot, that go beyond the
        standard tandoori chicken and generic curries that
        adorn most Indian steam table joints.

        1. re: Stan Gordon

          Thanks for the tip on Salaam Bombay. Very convenient,
          since I work 4 blocks away. The food was everything
          you said, except I didn't find the prices to be out of
          line. $53 for 2 including 20% tip, but no drinks. But
          the service couldn't have been better.

    2. HI:

      I agree with the Pakistan Teahouse recommendation.
      It's halal, very clean and worth the money.

      1. Dear Chris and Irene,

        Thanks for your suggestion about the PTH! YOu were so
        right. For $5, I got 3 heaping portions of very tasty
        vegetables (potatoes, cauliflower, beans) over a big
        plate of basmati rice plus a huge piece of freshly
        baked bread (I think it's called nam).

        Glenn, as good as the PTH is, it's a little on the
        informal side (that's an understatement)!

        There's another Indian restaurant on Greenwich I think
        between Duane and Reade that is supposed to be very
        good, reasonably priced, and pretty nice atmosphere.
        Maybe someone else who reads this can tell you the
        exact name. Also, there's Walkers on Varick St.

        Good luck, Steve!

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        1. re: Steve

          I have a question and a comment about PTH, I work in
          the area and had passed it many times. The problem I
          have is I'm deaf (but oral) and there is no fixed menu.
          Now I have gone to many "chowhound" places with no
          problems at all . When I attempted to place my order I
          really could not understand the woman behind the
          counter and it was quite a problem communicating.

          The counter staff found my inability to understand them
          quite funny(even when I explained my problem), This
          kinda upset me and while I got my order and it was VERY
          good, the chuckles from the staff turned me off (and it
          was not good hearted)

          My question, Just what is the "procedure" for ordering
          there. I am going to give it another try, but I would
          like to get idea of how it is "normally" done.

          Salamm Bombay on Greenwich is great! I go about once
          a month for the lunch buffet and it is a step up from
          most buffets. The dishes are really well done and more
          importantly there is a wide variety. They rotate the
          offerings, so you'll find something different every
          time (Outside of a few standard items).