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Mar 12, 1999 11:04 PM

Sushi Chefs and hard-core sushi connoesseurs

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I'm doing a research paper for an anthropology class
called Food and Society about the way sushi has been
transposed in New York from Japan. I'm investigating
if sushi in New York is different from sushi in Japan
and, if so, why? I also plan on comparing different
sushi restaurants in New York to see if some are more
"authentic" than others. Lastly I want to see if the
attitude and customs surrounding sushi differ between
here and Japan and, if so, why. If anyone out there has
any helpful information or sources please share.
Thank you

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  1. e
    Edmundo Claro

    With my daughter and my son in law we had the most
    incredibly good sushi I've ever had anyplace (I
    haven't eaten in Japan). The place is Sukura in the
    East 40's. The chef asked me: "Your choice or my
    choice?" Your choice, I repled. Just one word: SUBLIME.
    It was so fresh I could not believe it. If this is not
    authentic I don't know what is. Even the Japanese
    patrons were nodding in awe. The downside: $ 160 per
    (just two beers, no hard liquor)