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Mar 11, 1999 12:49 PM

Turkish fast-food

  • j

I ate lunch today at Turkey Grill on Bleeker and
MacDougal -- contrary to their name they do not serve
grilled turkey, instead I had a homemade chicken
Adana sausage, very good! The presentation is standard
fast-food restaurant, the sausage is served on a plate
with pita bread, iceberg lettuce, sliced onion and
tomato, and a plate of french fries (which seemed a
little excessive -- also they were not good fries).
This was the "platter", which cost $6.50. For a little
less you could get the "sandwich", which is the same
thing but smaller servings of everything, and inside
the bread. And no fries.

Anyway -- the sausage was extremely tasty and very
fresh. I'd go back there in a second. It's a good area
for middle eastern fast-food restaurants -- either
MacDougal or Sullivan, just north of Bleeker, has got 2
or 3 top-notch felaferias(?).

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  1. Jeremy, I agree. This place is a cut above. Their
    zucchini pancake sandwich is very tasty and only
    $1.50. My wife likes their gyro and almond pudding

    It is on the north side of Bleecker between 6th and
    MacDougal, closer to MacDougal.