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Mar 11, 1999 12:48 PM


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We had a really good dinner last night at this one-
month-old restaurant on Cooper Square. It's seafood,
some of it with an Asian accent. Very large portions,
delicious steamers and chocolate mousse cake, and they
gave us free edamame with our bread. They've also got
beautifully-painted floors and ceiling, and the prices
are (for now) really reasonable. There was nobody
else in the place, though. Come on, chowhounds!

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  1. I walk by Dolphins every day, and every day the place
    is virtually empty. It really is a beautiful place,
    and they have obviously put a great deal of time,
    money and care into the restaurant. I want to go in
    and tell the owners to pick a new name, something with
    a bit more heart and soul. "Dolphins" is just such a
    generic name, and so out of place in NY. I get the
    feeling that the owners have very little restaurant
    experience, and virtually no connections in NY because
    there has been no press involved with the opening and
    absolutely no type of marketing whatsoever.

    I am very happy to finally have a report on the
    restaurant, and I for one will give it a try this
    weekend (finally). I will report back then.

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    1. re: Alex

      Alex, did you ever try this place?? How was it?? I am curious but wanna know what you thought before
      I venture in !

      1. re: Caroline

        Actually, I still haven't made it to Dolphins. But it
        has gotten more crowded as the weather has improved.
        The patio out back is now fully operational and they
        leave the french doors to the front of the restaurant
        wide open - it has a much nicer, more airy look. I do
        think their business will improve, and I will report
        back when I do finally go.

        1. re: Alex

          This is just a follow-up to my earlier recommendation,
          since we've eaten at Dolphins several times since.
          The appetizers are almost uniformly delicious,
          although we still like the huge steamers best. Crab
          cakes are tasty, and I had a nice special broccoli in
          garlic sauce. The main courses sometimes seem to be
          missing a little zip. The bouillabaise, for example,
          has too much tomato and not enough saffron taste. Try
          to stick with the marinated fishes, or with the steak
          & shrimp, which my husband liked. But I stand by my
          original liking for this place. The setting's
          beautiful, you get nice breads with hummus and free
          edamame to start (watched one couple trying to chew
          the tough soy bean pods instead of squeezing out the
          beans... don't try that!), the service is earnest, and
          the prices are pretty reasonable for such large
          portions. Anyway, if you happen to be in the
          neighborhood and feel like something a little classier
          than the Noho Star (which I also like a lot, by the
          way...), then Dolphins is a pretty good choice.

          1. re: Kendra

            Thanks for the update Kendra. Definitely sounds like
            a place worth visiting.

            1. re: Alex

              I am in that neighborhood often and want to give it a try! Do you think I need a reservation on a Saturday
              night or is it still "walk -inable" ?Thanks for your delicious reviews!

    2. I pass it on my way home every day and have been
      wondering about it. Thanks for the tip - now I'll
      definitely try it!!