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Mar 9, 1999 12:50 PM

Avenue/Hot Chocolate

  • j

I know, I know, there is a hot chocolate thread
somewhere down at the bottom of "The Best" board, but
I figured if I posted there, I might never get an

Amanda Hesser in the NYT mentioned a couple of weeks
ago that the best hot chocolate in town is now being
served at Avenue on 85th and Columbus. Can anyone
confirm this? What about the restaurant in general?
Does anyone have an opionion? It looks nice from the
outside, but I haven't made my way in yet.

P.S. Hesser had priced the hot chocolate at $3.75, but
of course, by the time I made my way by and had a look
at the menu posted outside, the price had inched its
way up to $4.25....

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  1. d
    Dave Feldman


    Just saw an Ed Levine TV feature about hot chocolate
    in NYC and he focussed on Avenue's. I must say,
    seeing the preparation of the drink was a little like
    watching soft-core porn. High quality chocolate,
    cocoa, milk, and more than a little vanilla. Add to
    that some shards from the chocolate.

    1. m
      Marcia Gordon-Powers

      Starbucks makes a great hot cocoa for a lot less.

      Try it as a nice change of pace from coffee.

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      1. re: Marcia Gordon-Powers
        Jake Klisivitch

        To be honest, I've had Starbucks' cocoa, and it's fine
        -- but it's like most cocoa/hot chocolate in town,
        powder mixed with hot milk. A small step above the
        Quik I used to drink on saturday mornings.

        The Avenue version is apparently real chocolate melted
        into the milk with vanilla and lots of good stuff,
        hence the somewhat-inflated price. And it seems to me
        that it might be worth the trip...

        1. re: Jake Klisivitch

          Try coming out to Jackson Heights (sorry, I know it's
          the Manhattan board, but...) I've been finding some
          good hot chocolate in the nabe. check out my comments
          on the Outer Boroughs board, in a thread labeled

          1. re: Jeremy

            The hot chocolate at City Bakery far surpasses Avenue.

            1. re: kk

              I've read about Avenue's hot chocolate, and plan to
              try it soon. (Especially because I'm getting so tired
              of the intense table-scrabbling scene at nearby
              Columbus Bakery. What a demented system!)
              I also long to try Maison du Chocolat on Mad. My
              husband & I went in recently (on a perfect, freezing
              hot chocolate type of day, I might add)and retreated
              with sticker-shock and a mere $3.50 macaroon (divine
              though...)As soon as I somehow rationalize the concept
              of $7.00 hot chocolate, we'll go back. Actually,
              $14.00 hot chocolate. We'd have to try both - he's
              more of a bittersweet lover and I prefer semisweet and
              a side-by-side tasting would be irresistible. In for
              a dime, in for $14 bucks, I always say..
              Anyway, City Bakery's HC is delicious - in an almost
              unbearably unctuous way, and I LOVE the homemade
              marshmellow melting in it. Yum!

      2. avenue's chocolate is indeed seductive, but i weep for
        the richness of la maison du chocolat's (madison and
        78th) buck-a-slurp which you can partake of in the back
        of the store (and sit at a tiny table rather than at
        the bar, if you're lucky). they have 2 kinds, one which
        is really dark (haven't tried that one yet, but when
        the scale numbers go down it's a must) and a guyaquil,
        all satiny chocolate essence, which they will happily
        serve with your own pot of whipped cream without
        batting an eyelash. oh those french!