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Mar 7, 1999 12:00 AM

ruby foo's/beacon theatre

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hit the allman brothers show tonigt at the beacon. show was great, but dinner b/4 at ruby foos for 6 was just average to fair. we're going to see the allmans two more nights this month. need some touts plz on restaurants with short walking distance to the beacon thr. on bway and 75th. we've eaten already many times at citrus,josies, big nicks,rain. any other thought? thx in advance. I might have 4 extra seats for allman brothers fri 3/26/99, 8th row, anyone interested? thx in advance

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    Dave Feldman

    I swear that Big Nick's is my favorite restaurant in
    the immediate area, but since you are looking for
    alternatives, here are a few unexciting but decent

    Mingala West (75-76) for Burmese. Try the ginger
    salad, the Ruby chicken, the 1000 Layer Pancakes, and
    the Rangoon Night Noodles.

    Akaihana is a perfectly decent, middle-of-the road
    Japanese restaurant, with better than average sushi
    and sashimi.

    I avoid almost everything at Zen Palate, but I love
    the curry noodle soup -- it's especially delectable on
    a cold night.

    And if you are willing to venture north of 79 St.,
    things improve rapidly, with Cafe Con Leche and
    Luzia's on 81 St.

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    1. re: Dave Feldman

      How about Ernies - bet 75 and 76. Decent pastas, big
      portions, and not too pricey.

    2. Have you tried Avenue?

      It's on Columbus and 85th Street. It's a very casual americanized bistro - really good simple food, very comfortable ambiance, reasonable prices. The chef is Scott Campbell who used to cook at Vince & Eddie's. If you do give it a try, let me know how you like it.

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      1. re: JMin NYC
        stephen kaye

        indeed, Avenue we have been too and enjoyed. but we need to be closer to Beacon. Thanks David for your tuts as well. thx

        1. re: stephen kaye

          Try Savann on Amsterdam btwn 79 and 80. I think
          they're closed on Monday but check. It's been about 9
          months since I was there but I enjoyed it then.

      2. That is interesting because i attended some of the same Allman Bros. shows and i ate at Ruby Foo's with 6 people, then 4 people, then 6 again. Each experience was incredible. the service was grand, The food was great. no complaints. At all.. so go back there and reivaluate.