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Mar 6, 1999 11:49 AM

Dining at City Hall on Duane. Any suggestions?

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I'm attending a B-day gathering at City Hall. I was
hoping to get a little foreshadowing of what to
expect. Thanks! Len

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  1. I just organzied a party for work in their downstairs
    room (I think it's called The Vault). I don't know if
    you'll be downstairs but if you are it's fabulous!!
    The food is pretty good. The most impressive part of
    our dinner was the towering seafood platter.
    Lobster,clams,scallops, huge shrimp, stone crab, king
    crab legs, mussels, escargot, etc all piled high on a
    three tiered platter. It was amazing. The soups were
    tasty and the main dishes (delmonico steak, chicken,
    salmon and a veggie course) were also yummy.

    I wouldn't give it rave reviews based on it's food
    alone, but I loved the atmosphere! I'd go back in a

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      Got to tell you, I was really disappointed. Went
      early on a Saturday evening for a friend's B-day, and
      while the space is indeed interesting, the food was

      The first sirloin, ordered black & blue, was sent back
      after arriving brown & browner. OK, every kitchen
      misses sometimes - the second try arrived perfectly
      cooked, but for a restaurant that claims to dry age
      its beef, its flavor was flat and insipid, with none
      of that mineral-sweet, slightly funky flavor I'v come
      to expect in real dry aged beef. Oily smashed spuds,
      and gratingly oversalted beet greens did nothing to
      redeem the repast. A companion's meagerly portioned
      swordfish steak was served overdone.

      Personally, there are sooo many other places worth
      dropping the cash on that I just can't see stopping in
      on this place again.

      Gustaf the bartender (Downstairs) makes a hell of a
      Manhattan though - so maybe have a drink and enjoy
      looking up at the underbelly of Duane Street's

      1. re: m

        Forget that!

        Want to know about Oyster Pearl Bar on Cornelia Street.
        Would have gotten into this site the right way, but
        didn't know how.....any thoughts?