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Mar 2, 1999 07:43 PM

Eclectic Village/Soho spot

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I'll be in the city in a few weeks with a group of 5 or
6 and I'm looking for a relaxed, somewhat eclectic spot
to bring them to dinner. Any thoughts on Danal, The
Elephant, Le Tableau or Mesopatamia? Any input is

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  1. j
    Jennifer Stott

    I think Danal is wonderful for brunch if you can sit in the garden - the menu is interesting and they have beautiful china. Dinner is a big disappointment - the menu is not particularly exciting, and because of the low ceilings and open kitchen the air quickly becomes hot and heavy and oily.

    1. it sounds like you know the east village rather well so
      you should venture to the new hot area above 10th st.
      there's lucca lounge between 13th &14th with really
      affordable GREAT pizzas(and the owner Vito is a really
      nice guy) on avenue b. then between 11th & 12th you'll
      find radio perfecto ,cafe margeaux and my personal
      favorite-aunt b's.and if you're into hearing real
      good-real music go to lakeside lounge between 10th
      &11th. all on avenue b. have fun!