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Mar 2, 1999 12:11 AM

Chimichurri Grilll

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I discovered the Chimichurri Grill before it opened
while walking down 9th Ave. in the 40's, but it's
taken me all this time to finally go.

I was quite taken with the place, especially because
our group of 3 didn't go the usual carnivore or fish
route. For appetizers, we had the lightly sauteed
dandelions w/chorizo special (outstanding), the
tortilla de Lelela (a frittata) and a salad. Our
entrees? Two of the pastas -- one a tangy canneloni
with Swiss chard, and a light and refreshing ravioli.
For the life of me, I an't remember the third entree,
but whoever was eating it was hording, so I think the
news was good!

We split a dessert, and it was the most outstanding
item of the whole lunch -- a superb lavender flan. A
very strong lavender flavor. Wonderful stuff.

On the way back home, I stopped at Amy's Bread, and
bought a terrific organic rye with caraway seeds, and
even better, a piece of the Irish soda bread. I took
it home and ate it with honey. Ummmm.

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  1. j
    John Knoesel

    Do they serve libations or is it BYO ?
    Regards, JK

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    1. re: John Knoesel
      Dave Feldman


      There was a wine list but we didn't look (it was lunch)
      at it. I don't think they have full bar, but
      definitely have wine and beer.

        1. re: John Knoesel

          On the subject of Chimichurri Grill's wine list -- they
          do have a full liquor license and reasonably priced
          Argentinian wines are the specialty (Malbec, Cabernet,
          Merlot). If you go, have the owner/chef recommend a
          Malbec, which are very full reds (similar to a good
          Zinfandel/Pinot Noir blend).