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Mar 1, 1999 12:38 PM

Allison on Dominick

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Four times a year my wife and I splurge on dinner.
After trying Allison on Dominick, we have added it to
our list.

The food is French (msotly). I had Mustard Crusted
Short Ribs, which were very tender and tasty. Slow
cooked meats appeal in this weather. My wife had cod,
which was also very good. My appetizer (foie gras) was
nothing too special, next time I'll try something else.

The place is quiet, somewhat romantic, and intimate.
The service is very pleasant (I asked for help with the
wine list, as it didn't have anything I had drunk
before, the recommended bottle was good and within the
price I asked for, and the recommendation was given
with no condescension).

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  1. My husband and I also mete out (and savor)
    our restaurant splurges, and Allison on
    Dominick has become a favorite (having only
    been there twice). I agree that the service
    is a particular draw--warm, knowledgable,
    and unpretentious. We were particularly
    taken with the delicious roast chicken--
    we agreed it might have been, in fact, the
    best chicken either of us had ever had.
    It seems to have to do with the perfectly
    seared crustiness of it (I've tried to
    duplicate this at home with no luck).
    Iside, it's juicy and flavorful beyond