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Feb 28, 1999 09:39 PM

Patria -- I've joined the crowd

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Five of us went to Patria and I must echo the
sentiments of Gary, Stephen, and the other Patria
partisans: cool place!

We shared the ceviche sampler and the empanada sampler
and for entrees had a salmon special (beautifully
grilled fish with a complex sauce), the Guatemalan
chicken (I've had better mole, but tasty), lamb three
ways (excellent) and a parihuela (with high quality
seafood, including lobster). The parihuela still
doesn't match that at Fina Estampa in San Francisco
(the latter is a messier, gumbo-like concoction with
humbler crustaceans) but clean and bracing.

Desserts? The chocolate cigar, the banana w/caramel
and dulce de leche, and some ice creams.

Prices are steep ($100 apiece without too much alcohol
consumpton), and there are annoying supplements on
more than half the items). The space is nice, the
service couldn't be more helpful or friendly
(although, mysteriously, ordered coffee was never
delivered), and best of all, there's a chef who wants
to bring lusty food and a playful presence to upscale
dining in nYC.

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  1. Dave-- glad you enjoyed Patria. I think even after 5
    years, it's still one of the most exciting places to
    eat in.

    It has always been pricey, but there are plenty more
    inferior restaurants you can blow $100 in.

    1. Maybe lunch doesn't work for you, but Ive really enjoyed the lunch prix fixe. Admittedly, with wine and coffee it is more than $20, maybe 35. The great specialties are not on this menu, but what is on it is delicious - an amazing bargain for this quality of food and service level.