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Feb 27, 1999 04:12 PM


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I have loved Indian food for years. I did the 6th
Street thing and fell in to the cury. The Akbar on
57th has now been revamoped. The new chef Rana and the
young owner have totally changed the place. Great winery stuff that is paired with food..the
appetizers and entrees always good...andthe dessert are
excellet. Everty had a saffron creme crulee with
curacao oranges that great.
The Mango shrmip and the filo chat was excellent. In
the cheickn I had the coconut chicken and the vegetable
biryani seemed to go on every table.

The Masala Bloody Mary was great too.

Any way seem you

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  1. m
    Maria Monotrakis

    Just so you know, the person who posted this is the OWNER of Akbar. I remember seeing his name in an article about refreshing drinks from India this summer.... I've eaten at Akbar and it is ridiculously over priced and the quality is substandard.....just go to the Jackson Diner and use the money you will have saved on some fantastic goods from Patel Bros. across the way....

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    1. re: Maria Monotrakis

      Thanks Maria for exposing another fraud. No wonder he
      was bad-mouthing Tabla. And he couldn't even write
      proper sentences to save his life!!

      1. re: Maria Monotrakis

        thanks much, maria

        I count on help from y'all out there for this kind of
        stuff. Any further mentions of his restaurant will be
        immediately deleted from these boards, since the
        restaurateur has proven himself sleazy and
        untrustworthy. For your info, he's also been posting
        under a different name (all gone now).

        Groan. Everybody keep an eye out for more of this, ok?
        I don't understand why these people are doing this. It
        makes them look bad. It embarrasses them in public. It
        eliminates the possibility of honest objectively
        positive comments ever seeing the light of day here.
        It's really really dumb.