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Feb 26, 1999 03:05 PM

doner kebab on 23rd st

  • j

A new spot on 23rd at Madison opened under the
offputting name of "La Sandwicherie". Would not have
spared it a glance except for a small "gyros" sign.
As it turns out, their gimmick is hot oven mideast
breads, not pitas, baked before your very eyes, which
they cut into appropriate lengths and fold over
various things including very good "milk fed veal"
doner, chicken doner, falafel and other more standard
fillings. Dig the guy waving his big carving knife
around. At $5 for the rather large sandwich, its not
bargain fare, but definitely a cut above most NY
greasy gyros.

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  1. Have made several return visits to La Sandwicherie, a
    turkish-run (but not exclusively Turkish) spot across
    from Mad Sq Park. Doners are excellent - the fresh,
    hot crunchy hearth-baked bread makes for a wonderful
    sandwich. Felafel (like all the sandwiches, made on
    the fine bread) are good - though not as primal as
    Rainbow Felafel at bway and 17th, but the tahini
    tastes lemony, and a good hot sauce is added if you
    ask. A pleasant seating area is another asset.

    If you eat gyros, you know it is usually a mess. Well,
    these sandwiches are made flat in the split bread,
    then tucked into a waxed-paper packet so that they can
    be eaten neatly without dribbles. Wonderful idea. But
    $5 each, even for the felafel.