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Feb 26, 1999 01:48 PM


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I've read good things about Pampa (99th & Amsterdam)
but just noticed in a posting here that someone's had
bad experiences there. Can anyone be more specific?
Love it? Hate it? What's good there, what's not?

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  1. While it's gone a little bit downhill in the past year,
    it is still quite a good destination.
    The steaks and rotisserie chicken are succulent,
    wonderful, big and cheap...
    The fries with garlic and parsley on them are
    And the sangria is intoxicating (as all booze should
    AND the proveletta -- basically a slab of grilled
    provolone cheese -- is a scrumptious heart-attack
    waiting to happen...
    AND AND AND the crepes filled with dulche de leche (a
    south american caramel delight) are WONDERFUL...

    The downsides -- big waits (especially on saturday
    nights), and sometimes difficult waitstaff...
    But I think they are worth it, especially if you live
    in the area...

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    1. re: Tom G.

      Thanks, Tom -- on the basis of your note I went there
      for dinner EARLY on Saturday night. Got there at 6:45
      and the place was mobbed. But the guy up front was very
      courteous and got us a table (for 2) right away. The
      steak (shell) was terrific and the price was right. The
      "panqueques" with dulce de leche should be illegal. All
      in all, a good place to know about (our wine, an
      Argentinian Cab. Sauv. called Santa Ana was delicious
      and only about $10 a bottle. Could I possibly be right
      about that?) By the way, the service

      1. re: john

        Don't know what happened to the end of my last
        sentence. Anywayn ot to leave anyone in suspense, the
        service was ... fine.