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Feb 24, 1999 08:42 PM

Bouley Bakery

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Well, we just happened to have a reservation at Bouley
Bakery the same day the pan appeared in Steve Cuozzo's
column in the NYPost. We weren't deterred by that but
now we feel we should have been.

We ate at Bouley in his former glory days, MANY TIMES
and tasting this food now, we felt that David Bouley
was not even a wisp of a presence in the kitchen. No
revelations, flat tasting and some strong flavors in
the extremes of sweetness and acidity. No subtlety at
all( which is what we used to love about his food). If
you decide to go here and expend what will be mucho
dinero, do not let them seat you in the shop front.
Midway in your meal, you will be crowded by people
coming in for the 8:30 PM seating. People leaving and
getting their coats.Terribly uncomfortable and

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    robert sietsema

    I restrict mysel to the carryout bakery in the front
    room, where you can get excellent breads, soups, and
    pastries (including a divine apple tart with the slices
    perfectly and symmetrically arranged by some lunatic).
    Sandwiches are limited to a clunker or two, though. My
    motto as concerns Bouley Bakery: "Never sit down."

    P.S. -- Best meringue in town, loaf-size, nicely
    browned rather than anemically white, and studded with

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      Gee. My husband and I went to Bouley in October and
      had one of the most perfect evenings with fabulous,
      totally worth-it food. The service was exemplary, the
      room is spare, but lovely, with wonderful lighting and
      the food was exceptional from beginning to end. Could
      things have changed that much since the fall?