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Feb 24, 1999 05:37 PM

95th St and Broadway Eats

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I'm reluctantly moving from Sunnyside and all its
wonderful food to the area of 95th and Broadway. Are
there any good, reasonable, ethnic joints up there? I
can get a cup of incredible columbian cafe con leche at
El Triangulo on Greenpoint Avenue for 65 cents. I guess
that's over.

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  1. All is not lost, although 95th and Broadway isn't a
    bastion of fine eating. Mosey on over to Amsterdam
    and try Gabriela's (685) for a huge Mexican menu, the
    uptown outpost of Cafe Con Leche (both praised in
    Jim's book), Sal & Carmine's for wonderful pizza on
    Broadway and 101(but only get a slice from a new pie,
    or better yet, order a whole one -- cheese only).

    Gennaro on Amsterdam is extremely popular and
    extremely small, a deadly combination. I can never
    get in and always end up at Gabriella's (a block up)
    or the Ethiopian restaurant (a block down) instead.

    Many also like Pampa but I've had bad luck there.

    1. Good marinated barbecued chicken at Le Taza De Oro, a little place on Broadway somewhere in the vicinity of 99th St. It's cheap, too -- half a chicken with rice and beans for $5.

      1. Right after I wrote that response I wandered over to the "The Best" board, and found a discussion of this same place, under the Cuban-Chinese thread. Turns out it's La Tacita D'oro, and it's at 100th St. By the way, they like it too.

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        1. re: Chris E.

          Actually, Tacita de Oro and Flor de Mayo are two
          separate restaurants. They offer similar food; I think
          Flor de Mayo is slightly better. It's certainly a LOT
          bigger, and a tad more upscale, although only
          comparatively (both are very cheap, very casual; Flor
          de Mayo has a more varied clientele).

        2. Flor de Mayo, Broadway and 100, has great Peruvian
          chicken $7 with salad and plantains. It can get crowded
          but is worth the wait. Dont forget to ask for hot sauce
          typical peruvian blend of vinegar,garlic cilantro and

          1. There are a few good places.

            Others have recommended Gabrielas, and I concur. This
            is real Mexican food, not Tex-Mex. The more unusual
            preparations are better, IMHO.

            For Italian, there are two reasonable places: Mimi's
            Macaroni (95th and Amsterdam) and Farfalle (93rd and

            For Japanese, there's Jo-An (on Broadway and, I think,
            102nd or so).

            There's also a lot of Chinese, but if any are
            particularly good, I'm unaware of them.