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Feb 24, 1999 12:34 PM

Delta Grill

  • k

I am thinking of trying The Delta Grill on 9th. Has
anyone been there?? I'm looking for a spicy,
reasonably priced, tasty, and somewhat romantic

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  1. I've been to Delta Grill a bunch of times. The food is
    good - my husband likes it considerably more than I do.
    The crabcakes are actually quite interesting.

    The prices are okay. The PoBoys are good buys but some
    of the other items are a bit pricey for the food, I

    1. My boyfriend and I had a top notch dinner there last
      year. I had a giant serving of crawfish boil and I
      think he had seafood as well. Both dishes were
      expertly prepared. Besides decent size drinks and
      very tasty food, the service was really good (not
      rushed -- attentive, but not overly so). We are
      drinkers so our bill was fairly high but we really
      enjoyed it and felt it was worth the money. That
      was a year ago so I can't say what it's like now.
      If you give it a try, let us know what you think.

      1. The food's average. I wouldn't call the place

        1. OK, I liked the Delta Grille and I did find cozy (it
          was raining and we sat by the fireplace). I had the
          cedar salmon and my fiance had the shrimp creole (he
          had the better dish). The gumbo wasn't that great but
          the entrees were excellent. We shared some keylime
          pie for dessert....we should have left good enough
          alone. Prices were reasonable and portions were
          large. Ambiance was nice. Will return!

          1. delta grill is a nice, comfortable place. food is
            good, not great and it certainly aint nawlins! but ive
            been there several times and intend to return.