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Feb 24, 1999 10:50 AM

Union Square Cafe

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So, what do people think of this place now???

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  1. It was still wonderful as of last year; I'll soon be taking someone for a birthday dinner and will be able to give an update. Over the past decade it's definitely been one of the most reliable pleasures of NYC eating.

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    1. re: steve d.

      Union Square remains a consistent source of pleasure
      for me and my friends. The food and service are hard
      to beat. Maybe disappointment is all you can have when
      something is hyped as much as this one--but it has
      never disappointed us. The tuna medallion is one of
      the great meals of my life. Maybe you should try to
      stick to some basic great items. I think Gramercy is
      just a fine by the way. There's something wonderful
      about restaurants in NYC that are so special but when
      you arrive as a guest you are welcome and treated
      very well even if you are just there once in a while.
      That's not true of other four star restaurants and it
      is something to appreciate.

      1. re: phyllis

        It's POSSIBLE to have a humdrum meal at USC, but you
        kind of have to work at it -- and even when you do,
        you're always treated so well it's hard to get
        seriously annoyed about it. At lunchtime eat at the bar
        and get to know one of the bartenders. They'll make
        sure you get a sample of a glass of wine before you
        order it, and if you ask them they'll let you know if
        your entree selection isn't brilliant that day. The
        staff is seriously nice, knows all about every item on
        the menu and the wine list. Yes, it's hyped, but it
        couldn't happen to a more deserving restaurant.

        1. re: john

          We went there twice in the last 2 weeks--once was
          divine, the other disappointing. We had to wait 45
          minutes for our reservation the first (divine) time,
          but they gave us a $50 bottle of wine and free apps.
          The service was bad the 2nd time and the food just so-
          so. This illustrates the varying responses here...
          still love that smoked steak thou!

    2. Everyone seems to love it, but for me its always

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      1. re: scottreiner

        I agree. It's is ALWAYS disappointing considering the
        hype it gets. I don't understand it considering I love
        Gramercy Tavern both the cheap tables in the bar and
        the splurge in the restaurant.