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Feb 21, 1999 04:02 PM


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Figs is a new restaurant on West 27th Street. Not only
is the food great mediteranian, the room pretty but the
service is warm and friendly. When we were a little
cramped for space and they were a little empty the
actually gave us the adjoining table to stretch out
over. The next time I called for a reservation they had
only early and late times..

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  1. d
    D. Mastrandrea

    Had Valentine's Day dinner at Figs, which we had been wanting to try because it's owned by Gus Theodoro (of Gus' Place in the Village) and he's probably our favorite restaurateur. The food was very good (perhaps not quite as good as Gus') but what was even more impressive was the friendly, efficient yet unobtrusive service. Gus really knows how to train his employees.

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    1. re: D. Mastrandrea

      Had a WONDERFUL dinner at Figs last night. Room is
      simple and comfortable enough. Service was very
      attentive (though our waiter was a little goofy...)
      and the food was really, really delicious, well
      presented and I think, a very good value. Everything
      on the menu was appealing. We had a grilled polenta
      with gorgonzola, sliced fresh pear and a port wine
      reduction, a tasting of three different little things
      in phyllo; a chicken, a goat cheese and a delicious
      mushroom mixture - each a different shape and size. I
      had a 3rd app. as an entree: a lamb shank over soft
      polenta with pignolis and figs, which was so flavorful
      and just the right size for me - I wasn't super
      hungry, but wanted to taste different things. We also
      had a roasted cod with potatoes and a steak au poivre
      with delicious freshly sauteed spinach with garlic.
      Both yummy. Everything that went by looked wonderful
      too - a boulliabaise-type fish soup, a pot of
      cassoulet, a gorgeous piece of salmon, etc... Nice
      desserts (we shared a banana profiterole with hazelnut
      ice cream) and wine list too and decent bread. A
      pleasure. Check it out! (Only quibble is one I
      regularly have: the oral recitation of specials. I
      HATE that!)