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Feb 16, 1999 08:53 AM

Philip Marie

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Asimov wrote a pretty favorable review of this Village
restaurant in December... Has anyone been? Can anyone

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  1. I just had dinner there Friday night and thought it
    was very good. I started with a Toasted Almond Onion
    soup which was very nice. My entree was Honey Garlic
    Roasted Chicken - - a nice variation on a staple.
    The flavors were terrific and the bird was nice and
    moist. My guests had fish and each was pleased. It's
    a very warm environment w/ homey touches everywhere.
    The menu is American Comfort Bistro - - Fish Stew,
    Chicken Pot Pie, as well as slightly more
    sophisticated fare. The prices are very reasonable.

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    1. re: JimmyZ.
      Nina Teicholz

      I ate there some time ago and can't remember
      everything. I had a parsley salad for an appetizer
      that was excellent--very interesting and original. I
      think I had chicken as an entree and enjoyed that
      too. The service was friendly, not too professional.
      Ok prices. I would say it's better than a lot of
      restaurants in that price range, and definitely better
      than most of the pretty mediocre and expensive
      restaurants in the neighborhood. I'd definitely go

      1. re: Nina Teicholz
        cousin richie

        i was there a couple times towards the end of the year.
        Enjoyed the first time but was disappointed the second
        time. i feel after some good reviews it was becoming a
        victim of its own success. they might have been having
        kitchen problems but there was a long wait, people
        coming in after us were into their main course.
        normally a restaurant would be apologetic and might
        give a free dessert but not here.

        1. re: cousin richie
          Carol Feinman

          Went to Philip Marie with a friend a few weeks ago.
          We both liked the food and service - tablecloths
          without a snotty attitude. Had the seared tuna in a
          poppy seed crust which was excellent and also the
          mesculan salad with smoked trout and pink grapefruit.
          Most enjoyable meal.
          Has anyone tried the Tuesday clambake? - $15.95
          with a half lobster, clams, mussels, popcorn shrimp,

          1. re: Carol Feinman
            JM-West Village

            I live right near Philip Marie and and very pleased with this addition to my neighborhood. As everyone knows, the place is run by a husband and wife whose middle names make up the name of the restaurant.

            The wife runs the front of the house and is always very gracious and solicitous. I've only been in there three or four times, but they've gone out of their way to accommoate me without a reservation on a busy night. The chef - when he takes a brief break from the kitchen - is very friendly and loves to talk about what he's up to in the kitchen.

            The food has always been very good. I've had steamed mussels, fois gras, lamb shank, and red snapper. My friends have been equally impressed with the food, service and casual but comfortable dining experience.

            And, the prices are reasonable. I hope they keep it that way.

            1. re: JM-West Village
              robert sietsema

              Maybe I'd better go again, cause when I went there the
              food was lackluster and the place seemed pretentious to
              me. Pot pie was a particular sore point, I've tasted
              better out of the Swanson's box. And the food seemed
              more American to me at Cowgirl.