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Feb 12, 1999 12:41 PM

Wine room/private room

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Looking for a restaurant with a special private room
for my father's 60th birthday party...What I envision
is a wine cellar/wine room...I know Picholine and "21"
have them, but they're booked...
And I think Il Buco is a little too downtown for the
uptown crowd of fewer than 10 people who will be
joining us...
If you have any suggestions, please (if you would be so
kind) email me directly as I might not be checking this
board every day (and I've only got about a
week-and-a-half to deal with this)...


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  1. I think Picholine's wine room is limited to 6 possibly
    7 but not 10. Have you thought about the kitchen room
    at Park Ave Cafe? Reservations may still be avail if
    you're not trying for a Sat night. It's a glassed in
    room adjacent to the kitchen. Didn't know if you
    wanted truly private or just not in the main dining

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    1. re: Barbara S

      Gramercy Tavern has a nice private room.
      Redeye Grill has a private room upstairs which
      overlooks the place. This is a funky place with a real
      eclectic menu.
      Frank's Steakhouse has a glass enclosed area in the
      dining room which is really a cigar room.
      All 3 would be fun.
      Regards, JK

      1. re: John Knoesel

        We ended up at Felidia and it was wonderful...
        If anybody is ever looking for a private room for 12
        people (and somebody else is paying the LARGE bill),
        this is a great place.
        It's on the second floor in it's own private area. One
        wall is a huge plate glass window overlooking the
        street below.
        Your own private waiter and busboy. Great service and
        the traditionally solid and delicious Felidia food.

    2. City Wine & Cigar has a nice little room. Fits @ 12
      people, all glass walls looking on to the Kitchen.
      Only problem is that the food is not consistant.