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Feb 10, 1999 04:09 PM

Spazzia/Ruby Fu's

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In the past two weeks I've been to 2 brand new Upper
West Side restaurants and had VERY different

SPAZZIA -- 77th and Columbus -- owned and run by the
same people who brought you spartina...wonderful
mediterranean food...great service...i went on their
4th night of opening and it was as if they had been
there for 10 years...very smooth...and did i mention
the thin crust pizzas -- absolutely scrumptious...very
good fresh pasta...tasty roasted chicken...a very nice

RUBY FU'S -- 77th and Broadway -- don't know who is
involved with this restaurant, but whoever it is, they
don't have their act together...had a reservation and
still had to wait 45 minutes for a table, while they
took what seemed to be people off the street before
us...when they finally DID show us to a table, we
trudged upstairs only to find that the table that we
were to be seated at did NOT exist...a little more
waiting brought us to a HUGE round table for 3
people...not very cozy...service was VERY
slow...ordered pan fried noodles with chicken and arrived with "stuff" on top, but only
about 2 pieces each of chicken and broccoli...sent it
back...sushi was good...but that didn't make up for the
shortcomings...and they never DID apologize...unless
they shape up, stay away!!!!!

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  1. Had the a similarly bad experience at Ruby Fu's. Look
    forward to trying Spazia!

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    1. re: Elyse
      Jacquline Ancess

      Two friends and I had a very good experience at Spazzia
      the evening of 2/28. In particular, the grilled
      octopus was excellent. We liked the Spazzia salad and
      the fettucini with pine nuts very much. The bread and
      spread were disappointing, but we were there for three
      hours without anyone rushing us. We would definitely

      1. re: Jacquline Ancess

        We weren't rushed, per se...just treated hastily by the
        staff. Lingering wasn't a problem.

        Anyway, that's why reviewers eat several meals in order
        to formulate an opinion. I might have loved the octopus
        as well, as well as some of the other successful dishes
        people are reporting here...and off nights are part and
        parcel of the deal with restaurants. But "What Jim Had
        For Dinner Last Night" (as opposed to my article and
        book work) is not reviewing, just quick notes on
        individual meals. But I'm pretty sure that anyone with
        good taste would have agreed with my group's
        underwhelmedness with the restaurant on that particular


        1. re: Jim Leff

          I also had an indifferent meal at Spazzia's. Our
          service was friendly (perhaps because I was asked to
          move my chair about 10 times so that others could get
          by) but like you, I was underwhelmed by the space. My
          friend and I looked in envy at the big round table --
          this is one of those restaurant layouts that is often
          not friendly to "twos."

          Like you, I was turned off by the fussiness of the
          food, and the lack of defining flavors. Nothing was
          great, although the pizzas at other tables sure LOOKED
          good. One of the problems with these "designer
          pizzas" is that they get cold so fast. Is there any
          solution to this problem?

          I'm not going to rush out to visit Spaggia again.