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Feb 10, 1999 08:01 AM


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My boyfriend and I are going to Picholine next week.
Any suggestions on what to order or not order. I eat
fish, but my boyfriend does not. thanks in advance for
you help.

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  1. Ooh, I love Picholine! The salmon with a horseradish
    crust, with cucumbers and salmon caviar, is EXTRA FINE.
    I have had only fishy entrees there, but I have heard
    it bandied about that the duck and mushroom risotto is
    great. Their cheese selection is fantastic, and the
    cheese guy really knows his stuff but isn't at all
    snooty about it - he's friendly and helpful.
    Have fun!

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    1. re: Jessica

      I also love Picholine and it has been getting better
      with time.For fish I would recommend the Turbot if they
      have it available. Otherwise most anything is great.
      The game dishes they were featuring the last time I
      visited were also outstanding.One word of caution..
      the cheese guy gets cheesed off if you call him Cheese
      Guy. "Im the maitre d'fromage" was the response I got.
      That's french for cheese guy in my book!

      1. re: Stephen Jury
        Josh Mittleman

        Well,.... "Cheese Master", to be precise, and I suspect
        he'd be less annoyed if you called him that. You
        should see how fast my chef friend turns purple in the
        face when I referred to her as a "Cook".

        1. re: Josh Mittleman

          Funny, my ex-wife went purple when referred to as a "chef" instead of a "cook" -- but then, maybe your friend really does wear the tall white hat and run the whole kitchen.

      2. re: Jessica

        Just a quick note: with a little advance notice (and
        if you'll be dining on the weekend, consider that the
        day before) the good folks at Picholine will gladly
        prepare a superb chocolate souffle for desert - both
        airy and decadent simultaneously. Well worth a bit of
        advance notice.

        1. re: Governor

          That's VALHRONA chocolate souffle! And I couldn't agree
          more with's superb. In fact, I go light on the
          rest of the meal so I can stand a chance at both
          souffle and the legendary cheese cart...


          1. re: Governor

            Thanks for the tip - we got almond souffles, with a chestnut-citrus sauce so good I almost cried.

        2. i love picholine, too. one reason is because chef
          brennan will come out and talk with you about what to
          order, and treat you as if he knows you. the waitstaff
          were also exceptionally kind when my sister got a fish
          bone stuck in a tooth. but the food has really
          matured over the years, and i've had fine venison,
          grouse , pheasant, and short ribs there (also great
          rouget, a mild tasting fish he jazzes up with blood
          oranges).there's a wild chicory ice cream for dessert,