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Feb 6, 1999 05:06 PM


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Has anyone had the opportunity of eating at Avenue,
located on the Upper West Side? It's a French bistro-
ish type of place and the hot chocolate has been very
well rated. I'd wanted to eat there for awhile, but
alas, when I went the other night, the maitre d' was
extremely rude, wanting to know "how long it would
take" us to eat! Needless to say I was very

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  1. The hot chocolate what?

    1. m
      Martha Gehan

      The maitre d' at Avenue is a piece of work who should
      consider an immediate career change. I ate there twice
      last summer and will never go back so long as he casts
      his pall over what could otherwise be a great little
      place. He was so awful to me and my friends the first
      time that only the completely delicious food persuaded
      me to give Avenue another shot. Alas, he was almost as
      appallingly rude as before. It's a pity, because this
      is a talented chef whose fare I would normally travel
      far to enjoy (I live in the East Village and it ain't
      easy to get me to go to the Upper West Side for

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      1. re: Martha Gehan

        Yes the maitre d' is/was awful. Twice his rudeness made us not want to wait. But on Sun am 2/7 either he was off or there is a new maitre d'. He was very charming & made every effort to add to the experience. The food was good & we will go back but if 2/7 was only a blip, that will be it. We want it to be good because we live one block away. Long after the trendy types have moved on, we could be here.

        1. re: Martha Gehan

          why go to that neck of the woods to be treated so
          poorly? if you want good grub and sweet service(and
          who doesn't? they're taking our $$$ aren't they?)try
          that secret hideaway "aunt b's" before all of our
          neighbors discover it.

        2. b
          Bernie Siegel

          Rude and SNOTTY! Take youre appetite elsewhere.