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Feb 1, 1999 12:07 PM


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Has anyone been here recently? (It is the Portuguese
place far west on Spring.) A friend and I are supposed
to try it later this week, and I just wanted to make
sure that it hasn't taken a dive since it was written
up in the Voice and elsewhere.

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  1. I'll respond to myself, since I went there last
    Thursday. We actually ended up more or less following
    Robert's old voice review, though that wasn't the
    intent. We had the flamed linguica, which was simple
    but a good quality sausage; pork with clams, which was
    very tasty, a gravy (with bits of fried potato soaking
    it up) full of pepper, clam and meat flavors, but the
    pork itself was rather tough; best of all was the
    gambas con acorda, which was grilled shrimp on top of a
    lemony fishy bread mush, sort of the texture of a soggy
    stuffing, that I would happily eat on a weekly+ basis
    for the rest of my life.

    The place is exceptionally pleasant and relaxing,
    though I could see it getting a bit tight on a crowded
    weekend evening. The bill with an ok vinho verde would
    have been about $60, but we upped it considerably with
    some port, of which they have a good selection.

    Around the corner on Greenwich Street just south of
    Spring there is a Basque restaurant, but I forgot the
    name. Has anyone been there? The menu looked
    authentic and reasonable (mains in the $10-15 range).