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Jan 28, 1999 05:58 PM

Calle Ocho

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Saw this place and I was curious if anyone had tried it
and what the reaction was? We're hoping it's good
and as Upper West Siders it will stick - nice to have a
decent place in the nabe.

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  1. Haven't been there myself-but heard from friends that it was very good.

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    1. re: Elyse

      it's prettier than it used to be when it was main st.,
      and alex garcia's turning out great nuevofications of
      traditional latin dishes, not mangling things with too
      much of a departure from the tried and true. anything
      with yuca is recommended, although i'd stay away from
      most of the vegetable side dishes. boniato fries, if
      available, are soulful and ungreasy, and the mamey ice
      cream is a delight. a bit yuppified for proles like me,
      but the food (watch out for weekend crowds) is muy