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Jan 26, 1999 12:10 PM

Anything of interest in Battery Park??????

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I often stay in this part of the city because of a
company appartment. Most nights I make the trek to
some old and some new haunts. Ocassionally I would lke
to stay in Battery Park for a nice dinner and then
maybe some drinks. Please help!!!

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  1. Yes, I think it's called An American Place (or An
    American . . . something). It's a fairly new
    restaurant next to the Staten Island Ferry Terminal
    in the park itself. I haven't tried it but I've been
    told it's pretty good and that they serve stone crab
    claws which makes me want to pay a visit.

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      Hudson River Club, Yaffa

      If you can charge it to your company, check out the
      Hudson River Club in Battery Park City. Great food, but
      expensive. Cooking celeb Waldy Maloof was the chef
      there for a while. Great weekend brunch, too, with
      endless food and sunny views of the harbor.

      Also, a short walk to Harrison St. in Tribeca brings
      you to Yaffa (there are 2 of them a couple of doors
      apart--I prefer the smaller one in the middle of the
      block over the one on the corner). Service can be, um,
      leisurely, but the price and surroundings are right.


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        Inappropriate, commercial links, like the one to
        "planet it" are unwelcome, uninformative, distracting,
        and off topic.

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          fern--actually, footer links ARE permitted according to our rules and guidelines.
          We take a really really strict approach to spam and
          especially to commercial messages posing as testimonials. But it's standard
          'Net practice to allow footer "sigs" containing the
          URL of the poster's personal or biz site, and we allow it here as well
          (unless, of course, the message is merely an excuse
          to provide the link, in which case we nuke it...such was clearly not the case with Peter's message.


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            Thanks for the clarification. Commercials are so
            ubiquitous and offensive that I overreact sometimes.
            I will skip the links from now on unless they're
            obviously related to chow.