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Jan 25, 1999 04:52 PM

For a teen and mom

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Coming East from the other coast-San Francisco.
Catering to a 14 year old who likes fun, hip, not
formula (nix Planet, Hard Rock), snappy service, no
raw fish and her mom who likes really good food/wine.
Any Manhattan locale OK.

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  1. Florent: Gansevoort between Washington St. and 9th Ave.
    French (great steak frites!) with nice enough wine. In
    the meat packing district, which is being gentrified
    all too quickly but still somewhat off the beaten path
    as far as restaurants go. Fun, hip, lively, very much a
    downtown crowd. Great for brunch on weekends too.

    1. First on First Avenue between 5th and 6th Sts. Hip,
      fun with very good and varied menu. Not so great wine
      by the glass but good by the bottle. Also, three
      different sizes of martinis with glass served in bowl
      surrounded by ice. Also,I suggest you take a walk
      around the East Village. Your son will love that.

      1. j
        jennifer kalb

        On recent trips to Quebec province, we were somewhat
        surprised to find that our teens really appreciated
        experiencing excellent food and service in the
        pleasantest of surroundings (civilized dining), and we
        enjoyed opening their eyes to these pleasures. With
        that in mind, you and your daughter might enjoy a
        visit together to such places as Patria, Gramercy
        Tavern, Union Sq. Cafe (all with excellent service and
        food; occasionally media people and models to gawk at
        in the neighborhood), JoJos, Mesa Grill or

        1. When I visit New York my daughter and I love lunch at
          Payard. It's on the upper east side near Museum Mile.
          Plan an early or late lunch because the upper east side
          Mommies with strollers and kids by the hand really
          descend on the place. The pastries are delicious and
          beautiful and we love the sandwiches. We usually dine
          in the front part of the restaurant at the little white
          tables but there is seating in the back where it's a
          little more restaurant-like. Another fun "activity" is
          to get a manicure (and/or pedicure) at one of the many
          Korean shops on 2nd ave. near 77th. Have a great time.