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Jan 24, 1999 04:04 PM

Sunday brunch with NYC flavor

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Am from out of town and am hosting a mid-upscale post-
wedding brunch for other non-New Yorkers. Good food
required (great would be nice) with a distinct New
York feel. Mid-upper East side location preferred but
same area West side also okay. City view or close-up
to Manhattan cityscape desirable, so people would know
they'd been in NY. Was going to try American Festival
Cafe (for view of skaters, not necessarily food) but
all Rockefeller Center restaurants closed for
renovations. Ideas?

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    1. re: JG

      Last I'd read, they were still going to continue the buffet brunch at the Rainbow Room (even though it
      has now closed for other functions)...I went last year and it was elegant, very delicious and relatively
      resonable at $40. (for a priceless view !!!).......Thats where I would go, if it is still available.

    2. The Stanhope Hotel across the street from the
      Metropolitan Museum of Art has a nice brunch.
      You can't get anymore of a NYC feel than the Boathouse
      Cafe in Central Park.
      Have a good time, Regards, JK

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      1. re: John Knoesel
        Frank Language

        My cousin had her wedding at the Boathouse, and they
        served an excellent, multi-course brunch. And it is
        true what John says; you know you're really in New York
        when you're at the Boathouse. It's also removed enough
        from the actual dirt and grit of the city that out-of-
        towners will feel comfortable.