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Jan 20, 1999 07:42 AM

Help me w/ a Birthday Dinner

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Looking for a place for two couples to go out for a
40th birthday celebration. Somewhat expensive ok
without being ultra expensive. Somewhat critical
group-so really great food is a must! Thanks.

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  1. I had dinner twice last year at Savoy (Prince & Crosby).
    I remember the food being outstanding (good with just
    enough surprise to make it different), a wonderful
    service, a grown up atmosphere (no blaring music, no
    obnoxious sohoish patrons), just very good food in a
    cozy restaurant with a fire place and nice and competent
    service. I did not go to the bar upstairs. Some friends
    say it's a good place to wait for your table and your

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    1. re: jb
      Hal Hendershot

      I agree with the Savoy suggestion. The chef is
      wonderful though sometimes he tries too hard and
      missteps. Another great place to try is Verbena on
      Irving Place. Great chef and grown-up atmosphere. A
      good wine list too.

    2. Another suggestion - Tabla - Danny Meyers' new place on
      25th and Madison. Been there twice since it opened in
      December and enjoyed it both times. Quick description:
      Interesting, different food, French preparation with
      Indian spices (not hot - just flavorsome). 3 course
      prix fixe at $48 is a good deal for this in my opinion.
      downstairs is the "bread-bar" - with snacks and so
      on and they do a variety of tandoor-prepared breads.
      Upstairs dining room is a beautiful room.