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Jan 19, 1999 05:52 PM


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Where in NYC could one get a decent tiramisu? This
city, so full of great (and notsogreat) italian food,
still has not managed to show up some real tiramisu.
During four years of sampling (in the early 90s, to be
specific)provided much disappointment in the shape of
tons of sloppy tiramisu. Is it any better now? For
reference, the best tiramisu I have had, and which is
consistently good through many years, is to be found in
Restaurant Au Milan in Geneva. Why not Italy? Don't
know, but my sampling there has always pointed me in
the direction of the same place: Au Milan.

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  1. Tiramisu is so common in the Bronx, that they even serve it in bakeries, that is how ordinary the dessert has become. So you need not have to travel to Geneval, although the skiing is quite good there. Happy Tiramisu hunting.

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    1. re: Nolan, Susan

      sigh. what timing you have. the best tiramisu in new
      york actually comes out of my kitchen (in fact, i've
      got two to make tonight - my 6th and 7th in nearly as
      many weeks - as my friends and relatives love
      impressing their friends and coworkers with my
      rendition: a stand-up, liquor-spiked version that
      manages to be both rich in taste while light in
      texture (but not remotely low-calorie)). anyway...i was
      introduced to tiramisu new year's day 1994 at yaffa
      cafe on st. marks. i loved it at the time, but have no
      idea now how good it actually was since i've got plenty
      to compare it to. best tiramisu i've had recently was
      at Divine on e. 51st (212.319.9463). i was skeptical
      looking at it, but the taste was surprisingly good
      (just a wee grainy, though).

      good luck.


      1. re: eli

        Try a Restaurant called Da'Umberto's on W. 17th (18th?)

        Don;t even know if they are still open, but WLOW what
        tiramisu memories I have from the late 80'2 early
        90's....Best tiramisu ever, have been looking for its
        equal since.

      2. re: Nolan, Susan
        Nathalie and Billy

        looking for the recipe

        1. re: Nathalie and Billy
          Rachel Perlow

          There was a really good looking Tiramisu being
          demonstrated on the Food Network's "Calling All Cooks"
          several weeks ago. I checked the website and the
          recipe has disappeared (they only leave recipes on the
          site for a couple weeks - that sucks, why can't they
          archive them as simple text files!?). Anyway, I
          posted the link to that show's recipe page becuase
          they are always rerunning shows, so it will probably
          turn up again in the near future.

          If someone does check and it has turned up, why don't
          we cut'n'paste it directly into the followup? I
          understand we aren't supposed to put copywrited
          material from other websites onto this board, but if
          the links become useless after a week or two, and we
          properly credit where the information comes from,
          shouldn't that be acceptable?

          Jim? Opinions?


          1. re: Rachel Perlow

            Sorry, Rachel, can't allow it. It's illegal/unethical
            to reuse someone's work, and we're a 100% non-sleazy

            maybe someone should write to the Food Network's
            webmaster and's probably just an oversite
            on their part

            1. re: Jim Leff
              Rachel Perlow


              I'm sure it's not an oversite, they only keep recipes
              online for two weeks. The fact that they constantly
              repeat these shows is why I put a link to that show's
              recipe page, it'll probably show up again in a couple
              weeks. I don't think it's sleazy or a copyright
              infringement to post a recipe in its entirety (without
              any editing) and duely noting the source (i.e. "the
              following recipe is from the TV Food Network's show
              "Calling All Cooks", which aired on ______ date).

              As the TVFN site does not archive their recipes it is
              pointless to post a link to the recipe, it will be
              gone by the time most people try to see it.

              Any one else have an opinion on this? Rachel

              1. re: Rachel Perlow
                Frank Language

                Well, of course; being cable-less, I never watch the TV
                Food Network and won't have a chance in hell of finding
                that recipe at the time it appears again on the site -
                assuming it's going to appear again. However, I respect
                Jim enough to not post anything wildly off-topic (like
                political things) and especially not to repost
                copyrighted material.

                Your workaround here might be to ask people to request
                the recipe directly from you, and to e-mail it
                privately to those who request it. Seems like a royal
                pain, though.

                1. re: Frank Language
                  Rachel Perlow

                  It would be a nice workaround, if I had the recipe,
                  but as it has disappeared from the Calling All Cooks
                  recipe page, I do not. Also, I wasn't the one who
                  wanted the recipe in the first place, that is why I
                  posted the link to that page, so that the person who
                  wanted the recipe could check once a week or so to see
                  if they repost it.

                  1. re: Rachel Perlow
                    Frank Lanuage

                    Well, I did go there today and wrote them a note about
                    how great it would be to have a searchable archive, and
                    how I know it would increase traffic on the site, yada,
                    yada, yada.

                    We'll see if this letter-writing campaign gets some
                    action - and yes, I did mention "chowhound".

      3. j
        Josh Mittleman

        We had pre-theater dinner recently at Il Tinello, on
        56th St. between 5th and 6th. It's quite good. A bit
        expensive -- typical theater-district prices -- but
        they had the very best tiramisu I've ever had.