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Jan 17, 1999 08:36 PM

New Wine Bar - Lower Manhattan?

  • j

Seems like I read somthing about a new wine bar in
lower Manhattan but can't remember anything about it.
Does anyone have any info?

Joe Moryl

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  1. I Trulli opened up a wine bar in pretty close proximity to the restaurant but the name escapes me right now! Also, there is a great little wine bar/tap room in the West Village on Perry betw. Greenwich St. and Washington St. called The Other Room.

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    1. re: JimmyZ.


      I think the I Trulli place might be called Enoteca I
      Trulli; it isn't the one I had heard about. Thanks for
      the tip on the Other Room. All things considered, NYC
      is a pretty poor place for interesting wine by the

      Joe Moryl

      1. re: Joe Moryl

        Yeah, Enoteca is definitely right!

        But after some thought the newest kid on the block is definitely Ino, just West of Blue Ribbon Bakery on Bedford ST. Great ambience, terrific panini and focaccia - - tiny and intimate!

        1. re: JimmyZ.


          Ino - that's the one I was trying to recall. Thanks

          Joe Moryl