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Jan 17, 1999 04:08 PM

Broadway Joe's

  • j

We were in N.y. in Dec and went to broadway joes
because we heard so much about it and it was in all
the playbills so we went!!! that was the most god
awful meal we had in n.y . also the waiter was RUDE.
I have been looking for someone to vent my anger to.
other wise we had a wondweful time, and all the other
places we went were good
Thank you

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  1. Joyce,

    Sorry about your bad experience with Broadway Joe's.
    It is theoretically possible that you could miss a
    good meal by following my advice, but my rule of thumb
    is: Never go to a restaurant in New York City
    *BECAUSE* it is advertised. If you hear good word of
    mouth about a place and it happens to be mentioned in
    Playbill, O.K. But I'd put much more stock in the
    folks on these message boards.