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Jan 17, 1999 12:27 PM

Bendix Diner

  • j

Recently I had some kind of Thai soup @ the Bendix. It had chicken, coconut milk, lemongrass, lime, and who knows what else. I need to redo that recipe @ home. Any clues?

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  1. ask Etan, the owner, he'll tell you.

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    1. re: ken

      you had the thai soup: kha tom gai - which is to thai
      menus as fried rice is to chinese. love it with extra
      cilantro. if you find the recipe, would you mind
      passing it on to me? good luck and thanks.

      1. re: eli

        why not check this web page, with its thai food links: There are
        recipes for the soup there.

        1. re: jen kalb

          The soup that he had at the Bendix was Tom Kha Gai. The best Tom Kha Gai can be had at Jai Ya Thai which has, most of the time, what is the best Thai food in Manhattan. Also the fish cakes (Tad Mun Pla)and Penang curries are usually sensational.

          You can request the level of spice as "hot for Americans" which is what they refer to as mild to medium. If you think that I don't like firey hot spice, you're wrong.l

          1. re: dr zarkov

            where is Jai Ya Thai?