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Jan 17, 1999 11:50 AM


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I hate Starbucks. I love good coffee. PEETS in Berkeley
does great coffee mailorder. I am trying to get enough
people to order weekly, so that they will give a
discount, and we can help slowly chip away at
Starbuck's bad business empire. Any interest???
email me.

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  1. j
    Josh Mittleman

    I have been rejoicing in the past years in The Black
    Cow, an independent coffeehouse in Croton, NY. They've
    just added machinery to roast their own coffee, too.

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    1. re: Josh Mittleman

      right you are, Bec...I've been known to stop at the Cow for coffee while motorcycling towards Croton Gorge
      Park. They recently expanded the place, too.

    2. Rebecca,

      I generally don't want to support Starbucks either.
      Have you tried Oren's coffee; they have about 5 shops
      in Manhattan? I usually go to the one by NYU on Waverly
      Place or the one on 3rd. Ave around 30th - the rest are
      on the upper east side. When I am in SF I always drink
      Peet's. What is the story on that crappy Peet's coffee
      they sell at Au Bon Pan?

      Joe Moryl

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      1. re: Joe Moryl

        Another branch of Oren's is supposed to be opening in
        the new Grand Central!

        Also, try Two for the Pot in Bkyln Heights (Clinton
        between Atlantic and State). He roasts all his own
        coffee in small batches and doesn't charge an arm and
        a leg. I swear by the Union Sq Cafe Blend (they used
        to buy it from him; I think they buy elsewhere now,
        but he still makes the blend).

        1. re: Joe Moryl

          The suggestions are great for coffee out!--at home I now just mail order from peet's--well worth the extra couple bucks. I have heard that Au Bon Pain serves peet's, but that it's suspect. Like United serves Starbucks, but its worse than usual, AND starbucks!