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Jan 16, 1999 09:59 PM

out of towners

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It happens that I am in Manhattan for a seminar at the same time as some colleagues from another office of our firm are attending a trade show. Picking a place for dinner has fallen on my shoulders.

I've already got an impressive place for us to meet, as I am staying at a friend's parents' apartment on Fifth Ave in the upper 60's. Now I need a quintessential NYC dining experience for my colleagues. The response I'm looking for is "How did you know about this place?" As we are all traveling on the firm, budget is generous. Would like to stay Midtown or north, but feel free to suggest anyplace.

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  1. More info: one of our group is a vegetarian

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    1. re: Greg R

      Try China Grill (Ave of the Americas & 53rd St.), an unusually good midtown chinese with a japanese accent.

      1. re: Greg R

        If you are looking for the "how did you find this
        place" effect with out of towners, some possibilities
        at the middle to higher price end are:
        Hangawi -- vegetarian Korean on 32nd ; the food is ok,
        but the total experience is great
        Mirezi -- a korean based pan asian on 5th near 13th;
        good food and great sake selection
        Cafe Crocodile -- on the upper east side, run by a
        Jewish couple from Egypt and serving basically French
        stuff with a lot of meditteranean influences; very good
        food and wine, a nice welcome, but can be a bit
        cramped; doesn't seem to be frequented by out of
        towners (except for ones from Europe). I am not sure
        how well your vegetarians will do here unless they
        are not that strict and eat fish.

        La Luncheonette -- a really good bistro on 10th ave in
        the teens; very out of the way -- search on these
        boards for more on this place, but it may also be
        difficult for vegetarians.

        If you really want to get the desired effect, though,
        maybe consider an inexpensive and out of the way place.
        One possibility might be Tindo, a homestyle Cantonese
        place at the foot of Eldridge sT. (See Jim's write up
        under last nights dinner.) It s on a fairly desolate
        block right down the street from the eldridge street
        synagogue. Your friends will really want to know how
        you got them there. (Don't miss the oster and pork
        Have fun

      2. j
        Josh Mittleman

        Certainly one type of quintessential New York
        restaurant is the steak house, and you can't do better
        than Peter Luger's, in Brooklyn, just across the

        If you can narrow down what you're looking for --
        eclectic ethnic, classic classy gourmet, scruffy but
        wonderful -- we can probably make more suggestions.

        1. So many places so little time! Since budget isn't an
          issue, why not check out some of the big ticket
          places - you've got tons of choices. I wasn't sure
          how far in advance you're planning so reservations
          might be tough (but day-of cancelations frequently
          happen so it might work out) Most places offer a veggie
          dish these days, so hopefully your vegetarian friend
          won't feel out of luck at any of these places that
          I've been for celebrations/big deal dinners:

          --Cafe Boulud
          --Park Avenue Cafe
          --Gramercy Tavern

          I was going to suggest Nobu or you could try a newer
          place called Bond Street that's staffed by some former
          chefs from Nobu.

          Hope you have a gret time! Another suggestion, call the
          concierge at the hotel you're staying in and see if he
          or she can get you reservations for the night(s) in