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Jan 16, 1999 06:04 PM

Anyone been to Ideya?

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Anyone been here yet? It sounds good but the location
(W. B'way in Soho) doesn't hold much promise. Any
comments would be appreciated!

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  1. I was just there and it was great. Instead of plain
    chips 'n salsa, they serve thin plantain chips with the
    best salsa I've ever had. I think its mango, but not
    sure. Really good flan for desert. Not cheap, but
    great latin food. Did I mention the salsa...?

    1. i love it! i love the bartender, who will give you the
      history of a killer drink called "pocion de mi
      salvacion" whick will make you want to run naked down
      the street. and i love the nuyorican chef, who comes
      from my nabe in the bronx and has a chicken special
      that actually made me enjoy eating chicken (it's got
      chorizo in it). there's also a fine snapper borrachado,
      braised in brazilian firewater. if you go at merienda
      time (4-6) for snacks, it's quiet and warm and you can
      have yuca empanadas which are better than the ones my
      family used to make. it's not perfect, but it's got

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        " a killer drink called "pocion de mi salvacion" which will make you want to run naked down the street"

        Oh! So that was YOU!

      2. The original comment has been removed